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Field McConnell

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Terry's In Denial
Will Terry Goddard Be Arizona's Next Governor?
Is AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard In The Bible?
• Will Terry Goddard Work In The Obama Administration?

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Hell On Earth!
Is Barack Obama - aka Barry Soerteo - Really President?
Is Barack Omaba An Illegal Alien?
• Who Is The Real President?

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Can You Trust John McCain?
Is This... "The End Of The World"?
Is John McCain Mentioned In The Bible?
• Mark Of The Beast?

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Embracing Diversity
Is Arizona's Attorney General Blind, Crazy Or Both?
Should "Men With Boobies" Be Given Special Rights?
• Is Chairperson Michele de LaFreniere Male or Female?

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Watch America's Favorite Sit-Com!
Is Barack Obama A Homosexual?
Does Barack Obama Smoke Crack?
• Who Is Larry Sinclair?

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Obama's Aunt Is An Illegal Alien!
Is Omaba's Illegal Alien Aunt On Welfare & Foodstamps?
Where Is Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano?
• Is Obama's Buddy A Convicted Crook?

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Sex Education For Kids?
Should Kids Learn To Dance Like Sluts?
Does The Government Own Your Children?
• Did Janet Napolitano Protect A Pedophile?

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Meal Ticket
Is Billionaire Warren Buffet Obama's "Meal Ticket"?
Is Barack Obama's Pastor Insane?
• Rich White People?

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Does Billionaire Warren Buffet Own GEICO?
How Much Money Did Warren Buffet Raise For Obama?
• Does Billionaire Warren Buffet Fund Abortion?

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Got Vocals?
Think Your A Rock Star?
Think You Can You Sing Better Than Dean De'Ville?
• Do You Karaoke?

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National Health Care Will Drive You Crazy!
Will You Pay For My Brain Medicine?
Are You Guilty Of A Hate Crime?
• Which Side Will You Choose?

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Hillary And Dean 2012?
Do You Know What's Best For You?
Do Opposites Attract?
• Will You Give All Your Money To Dean De'Ville?

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Hillary & Dean Beggin' Box
• Are You Opposed To Barack Obama?
Do You Have A Printer, Scissors & Tape?
Will You Get Involved?

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Mike Huckabee's Faith
• Is Mike Huckabee Really A Christian?
Has Mike Huckabee Ever Read The Bible?
Is Mike Huckabee Smarter Than God?

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• Do You Support Abortion?
Do You Know The Truth?
Should Abortion Be Legal?

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• What Is AZTLAN?
Does John McCain Support AZTLAN?
Do You Support AZTLAN?

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• Who Is Dean De'Ville?
Will You Give Dean De'Ville All Your Money?
Is This Legal?

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