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UPDATE! - 01/01/09 - Dean De'Ville Abandons Quest To Replace Roise O'Donnell!

Ambassador De'Ville's Official Statement.
It is with great sadness that I, Ambassador Dean De'Ville, must pronounce the abandonment of a dream. Despite Dean's best efforts to save feminity for future females... of the future, Dean De'Ville was mocked and rejected! The misandristic attitudes of Bra-Less, Brainless Bimobs have denied women the opportunity to be dominated... again. This dastardly denial by ABC and The View will divide daughter against dad! Women are the real victims.

Dean De'Ville


UPDATE! - Dean De'Ville, despondent, disillusioned and delighted by "The View's" rejection & selection, has gone into seclusion. Dean's whereabouts are unknown!

Ambassador De'Ville's Official Statement.
I was shocked to hear "The View" chose to replace Rosie O'Donnell with Whoopi Goldberg. ABC's decision is stunning! Selecting the "Pro-Gun" Whoopi Goldberg is a brilliant move by Pro-Gun Forces. I sense a new "Violence-Infused-Attitude" which will permeate and restore the "Rotting Culture" once promoted by "Former Co-Hosts" of this fantastic program!

ABC's decision, coupled with Jodie Foster's new film "The Brave One" will strengthen America by empowering women to defend themselves with the same "Righteous Brutality" men have recommended for quite some time.

It's nice to know "Crazed Femi-Nazis" have finally come to the realization that they don't know what the hell they're doin... and haven't for a long, long spell.

I, Dean De'Ville, believe ABC's decision represents the "Final Nail" in society's "Vampiric Coffin" containing the Confused Corpse of "Unfettered Feminism"!

ABC is sending Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell and some other skirts a message. It reads, "Thanks for inadvertently setting us free by means of your "Phallacious Failure"." I concur.

Dean De'Ville - End Official Statement regarding "The View" and Whoopi Goldberg.

Replacing Rosie!
© 2007 - Dean De'Ville
Dean Cares...
As you are aware, Rosie O'Donnell has decided to leave "The View". As a caring individual... Dean De'Ville feels obligated to offer Dean's assistance during this time of National Mourning.

Dry Your Eyes, Baby!
As a service to "The Children of the World"... Dean De'Ville is ready and willing to replace Ms. O'Donnell as Co-Host and Star of "The View". But, unlike Ms. O'Donnell and your Worthless Husband... Dean won't abandon you.

Misogynistic Mumblings...
Apparently, it is now genteel to openly berate women so long as you set your misogynistic mumblings to a "swingin' beat"... and, it helps if you're "cute"... or look dangerous.

Dean's Gonna' Change Your View, Baby!
As part of Dean's audition to replace Rosie, Dean composed a new "Theme Song" for "The View"! This beautiful tune encompasses every aspect of a successful, modern, media campaign. However, it is designed to "Un-Brainwash You Women" rather than take advantage of your innocence... or ignorance... or both.

First, It's got a sexy beat. Second, Dean purposely sang it like the whiney teenage boy bands and "Rap Artists" you, your misguided daughters and feminist leaders seem to worship.

So, please stop, relax, put on some headphones, close your eyes and prepare to be manipulated by someone who truly wants the best for you. Hey, at the very least, Dean is honest about Dean's deception.

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Dean Sing So Sexy!
See that, Baby? We can take "The View" in a different direction!

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?
You Dames are always complainin' there are no "Real Men" left. Well, that's because men are no longer permitted to be men. If men could be men... things would be different. But, some of your heros would need to be publicly executed and you'd have to shut-up for a while. So, Dean suggests that you lower your expectations 'cause * Mrs. Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and their "Mind-Numbed Feminist Fraternity" now define the quality and quantity of the men, or lack there-of, in your life. * Hee! Haw!

Dean's not NOT Homophobic, Dean just hates what men have become... without our knowledge or consent. Dean understands it, cause Dean lives it. But, Dean don't excuse it and plans to use Dean's influence as Co-Host and Star of "The View" to empower women by explaining the serious consequences of your communal decision to spiritually castrate your husbands and sons... which has served to elevate and motivate imbecilic icons of consequent incompetence to high office.

The hypocritical whores hysterically hyping hormonal heresy while presently occupying leadership positions within the Man Hating Cult claiming to represent you and your daughters fail to inform you of the results of their Masked Misandry. Their "Religion" has produced a nation of little boys who aren't permitted to become what you secretly desire. Don't deny it, Baby.

Choosing Your Child's Identity...
Your male children are being irreparably feminized through Propaganda and Prescription Drugs. You expect and require men to conceal and restrain the righteous anger which was supposed to define us. Your Feminist Leaders "abuse their celebrity" to point the "Fickle Finger of Phoney Feminism" toward men each time one of your "Feminized Creations" explodes in a fit of rage and kills a bunch uh' innocent people.

You use the results of this "Misandristic Mind Game" to blame men for the society your Feminist Leaders have purposely created. Your daughters are conditioned to accept less than they deserve. Fathers are mocked and marginalized. Expectations have been lowered and manhood redfined by women who hate men but, oddly... want to be men.

You're The One That's Crazy!
As the gentle "De-Brainwashing" process commences, you'll begin to realize just how convoluted your thinking has been purposely conditioned to become. Your first reaction will be anger... followed by fear... followed by the realization of "The Absurdity Of It All". Eventually, you'll "get it" and become a confident individual possessing the ability to influence those around you.

Become a force to be reckoned with. You won't need an AR15 to make your point. Your words and core beliefs are all that'll be required, friend. You'll quickly realize that guns and ammo are tools utilized to defend your freedom to freely expound excellence in audible opposition to those "Feverish Fanatics" foolish enough to attempt to silence Truth.

New Friends + New Ideas = A New You
When you begin seeing things clearly, it all starts to add up... your life starts to makes sense. It's amazing! You'll soon discover an incredible world of ideas and concepts you don't know exist. You'll make new friends you can count on to be straight with you.

Stop The Hate and Stockpile Weapons...
Look, Dean doesn't hate Rosie O'Donnell. Dean hates Dean... which is Dean's right! You can hate Dean... it's free! Hating Dean won't do you any good but, it helps pass the time between feedings.

Hating Is A Waste Of Time!
What you should be doing is preparing for Armageddon by stockpiling Cigarettes, Booze, Cocaine, Marijuana, Gasoline, Condoms, Salty Snacks, Guns, Ammunition, Pornography and other stuff you your gonna' wish you had when All Hell Breaks Loose and you can't leave the house due to not having enough money to purchase your "Carbon Credits" for the month!

You're Welcome...
There's no need to thank Dean. Dean don't need it. Your "Un-Ending Financial Support" is all the thanks Dean requires. So, be sure to swing on by anytime... we're always open.

Dean De'Ville

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