Evidence of Superior Knowledge
Examine the photograph (right).

Do you see anything of "Spiritual" or "Prophetic" significance?

If you "Get It"... congratulations.

If you're looking for "Hidden Meaning" you're missing the point.

Nothing's being concealed. It's right there for all to see.

Dean De'Ville knows stuff.

That makes Dean De'Ville a valuable resource to the common idiot.
• How ignorant are you?
• Is everyone else as dumb as you?
Who is "Brain-Washing" everyone?
• Are Prophetic Events unfolding right before your ignorant eyes?
• Will you send Dean De'Ville all or most of your money?
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New World Order!
by Ambassador Dean De'Ville

A Message From Ambassador Dean De'Ville..

Look, dummy Dean knows you think you're real smart but, you are ignorant.

Dean's not trying to make you feel bad. Dean's here ta' help, dummy!

Dean understands it's real popular ta' point your finger at people and scream curses/
profanities as a means toward defeating one's opponent's beliefs. Dean understands "Controversy", "Ideological Combat" and "Spiritual Warfare" are tools in the arsenals of Good and evil. - Read More

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Wikiality - European Union

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