Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to 10,000 supporters at Cesar Chavez High School. Clinton addressed the war in Iraq and leadership restoration.
Media Credit: Graham Ware
Hillary Wins Arizona!
As you know, Hillary Clinton won Arizona's Democrat Primary. Arizona's Democrat voters chose Senator Clinton over Barack Obama. Arizona's Superdelegate Votes should go to Senator Clinton. Arizona Primary Results -

Janet Undermines Voters... Again...
However, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano wants to be United States Attorney General and/or a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. So, to advance her "Career", Governor Napolitano has stated Janet will cast Janet's Superdelegate Vote for Barack Obama. Once again, Governor Napolitano has selfishly undermined the will of Arizona voters.

Promises, Promises, Promises...
What promises did Barack Obama make to gain Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's endorsement?
Do you want Janet Napolitano running America's Justice Department?
Can you trust Janet Napolitano?

Hillary Betrayed!
Janet Napolitano Superdelegate Vote Switch

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