Homeland Security!
• Is Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Crazy?
Is Barack Obama's Aunt An Illegal Alien?
Is Obama Fundraiser, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, A Criminal?

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Obama Soap Opera Drama
Did Janet Napolitano Break The Law?
Are McCain And Napolitano Working Together?
• Will Obama Risk It All To Save Janet Napolitano?

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Pedophile Protector?
• Special Rules For Homosexuals?
No Search Warrant For Child Molester?
Janet, Anita Hill, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

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Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's
911 Memorial Controversy
Janet's 911 Memorial Controversy
Why Is Janet Napolitano Secretary Of Homeland Security?
Why Are Americans Angry With Janet Napolitano?
• Should You Trust Janet Napolitano?

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Grinch-Mas Tree?
Janet Napolitano's "Holiday Tree"!
Is DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Anti-Christmas?
• Is Janet Naplitano Arrogant?

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Lewis And Roca, A Corrupt Law Firm?
Did Janet Recuse Herself?
Was Janet A Law Partner at Lewis And Roca?
• Did Janet Impede A Federal Child-Porn Investigation ?

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Is Janet Napolitano A Backstabber?
Did Napolitanio Undermine Arizona Voters?
• Can You Trust DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano?

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Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano "Aborts Christmas".

Holiday Tree News Release
Christmas Abortion?
Holiday Tree?
Politically Correct?
• Janet's Holiday Spirit?

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Janet's Unconstitutional Trade Deal
Did Janet Napolitano Violate The Constitution?
Is Arizona's Trade Deal With Mexico Unconstitutional?
• Can Barney Fife Recite The Preamble to the Constitution?

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Arizona Governor Napolitano Vetoes
Two Pro-Life Bills on Abortion Issues

Child Murder Advocate?
Did Janet Veto Parental Consent For Underage Abortions?
Does Janet Support Taxpayer Funded Abortions?
• Sale Of Human Eggs, Cloning, Stem Cell Research?

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