Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee knew Dumond was serial rapist...
Huckabee v. The Bible
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Christian Church Or, Kooky Cult?
Are many Folks who claim to be "Christians" really "Cult Members"? Do they get all dressed-up in fancy "Church Clothes" and stagger into their 501C3 "Corporate Coffins" each week to "Praise" a God they don't know?

Licensed To Preach...
Many "Well-Intentioned" folks believe "Ordained Ministers" and/or "Licensed Preachers" have "Special Powers" or "Secret Knowledge". Do they? Does a "License to Preach" make a man or woman "Holy"? Do you know folks who have a "Marriage License" and a crummy marriage? Have you ever seen a "Licensed Driver" who can't drive worth uh' hoot? Are "Licensed Ministers" ever busted for committing horrible crimes against women and children?
Be Careful Who You Trust...
When "FORMER Minister" Mike Huckabee says he's a Christian many decent folks accept his claim. What does The Bible have to say? Have you bothered to read The Bible yourself or, do you just believe what you're told? Should Christians "Blindly Follow" folks based on their words or, should we question those who say one thing and do another?

Mike Huckabee Versus The Bible...
Blind Leading The Blind - Luke 6:39 (Parallel Translations) - Click
Smiling Ministers - Matthew 7:16-20 (The Message) - Click
Matthew 7 - Judging Others - (New Living Translation) - Click
Huckabee's War On Drugs - Genesis 1:11 - 1:12 - Click
Genesis 1:11... - Click
The Bible isn't that difficult to understand... if you bother ta' actually read it. Sure, there are lots uh' "Hate-Filled Ministers", "FORMER Ministers" and Arkansas Politicians who claim ta' "Know God" but, are they being honest?

First Page Of The Bible...
When a "FORMER Minister" is unfamiliar with the First Page of The Bible, ya' gotta' wonder. Ignorance? Hypocrisy? Cowardice? Money? Power? Brainwashing? Ill-it-err-uh-see? Compromise? What would cause a Minister to Abandon God's Word? Why would a "Christian" release Rapists and Murderers while imprisoning folks for using the plants and medicines created by the God they CLAIM to worship? Why do "Christians" support laws which imprison folks for following The Bible?

Who Is That Guy In The Video?
Watch the guy behind Mike Huckabee (not Former President Clinton). Watch carefully as "Huckabee's Friend" initiates applause in support of "FORMER Minister" Mike Huckabee's "Biblical Ignorance". The rest of the "Flock" follow along... like good little sheep. Is it any wonder so many folks distrust Ministers and Politicians?

Itchy Noses...
Watch "Huckabee's Friend" and Huckabee "touch their noses". Interesting. One might wonder if "Itchy Nose Syndrome" is a contagious disease or an "Unconscious Reaction" to "Blatant Hypocrisy".

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