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Hillary Care
Is Mandatory National Health Care a.k.a. "Hillary Care" the solution to all disease, discomfort and injustice? Join our Clinton Hater Debaters as they discuss an issue sure to impact the 2008 Vote!

Debateathon 2008 - National Health Care
The Debateathon Series is an ongoing, political discussion. Two Clinton Hater Debaters discuss one issue without Commercials, Moderators or Time Constraints.

Clinton Hater Debaters
Hillary Care debate participants, Reverend Paulie Pillpopper and Ambassador Dean De'Ville were locked in Adjoining Glass Debate Cubicles. The debate was conducted via Intercom.

Rules Of Debate
Each participant voluntarily agreed to forego food and water until they achieved resolution/agreement, were overcome by starvation or began to go insane.

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You Choose The Winner!
The Debate Winner will be decided by Voters!
The ClintonHater Debater reaching
$5 Million in donations first will be declared the winner! You determine the value of your vote!

All proceeds go to the Dean De'Ville Church Buyin' Fund.
Together, we can do stuff for God.
Horrific Imagery!
Originally designed as a Video Production, producers chose to eliminate the Videographical Segmentations due to the horrific effects of Sleep Deprivation Syndrome.

Reverend Paulie Pillpopper
Pro Hillary Care

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Ambassador Dean De'Ville
Anti Hillary Care

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