GEICO - Hillbilly Beggin' Box!
Dean De'Ville is NOT a GEICO Customer.
After nearly a decade of delay and deception by GEICO, Dean De'Ville has simply given-up any hope of reaching a fair settlement with GEICO.
Rather than waste time arguing with
GEICO's Team of Professional Liars,
Dean De'Ville has decided to expose
GEICO's Corporate Greed and Dirty Tricks.

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Geico - They Don't Have To Pay...

September 30, 2000
Dean De'Ville got "Purdy Banged-Up" in an "Automobile-Related-Incident" - .
Now, over
Seven Years after the crash, GEICO still hasn't paid the claim.

Sure, their ads tell ya' they pay their claims... but, that's just "Advertising". Advertising is often utilized as a "Tool of Deception" . They wanna' trick ya' into believin' somethin' that ain't true. GEICO, like many politicians, is attempting to deceive you. Photos and Details

Drivers Licenses For Illegal Aliens!
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Fruit Of The Loom
As you probably aren't aware... GEICO is part of Warren Buffett's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY conglomeration. GEICO's "Sister Company", Fruit of the Loom®, is also part of Warren Buffett's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY. Ain't that neat!

Choose Life!
All profits from will be used fer' The Lord's benefit. Every cent of profit from will be used to assist God. Profits from GEICO, Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett are used to promote abortion. When you purchase apparel for your family, the profits are gonna' go somewhere. Choose Life! Choose T-Shirts from

Boycott The Baby Killers!
Would you write Warren Buffett a check for $10.00 if you knew Mr. Buffet would use your "donation" to murder an Un-Born Child? When you purchase products and/or services from companies controlled by Mr. Buffett, are you "Funding Abortion"?

A Personal Decision...
The TV tells us that "Abortion/Infanticide" is a "Personal Decision". Your decision to "Boycott The Baby Killers" is also a "Personal Decision". Fer' instance..., and Images will NOT be printed on T-Shirts produced by Warren Buffett's Fruit of the Loom®. Ya' see, It wouldn't make much sense to print Conservative Christian Messages on any item of clothing produced by Warren Buffett's Fruit of the Loom®.

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Baby Killer Boycott"? It's easy!
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