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Dean Was Rear Seat Passenger
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Dean Was Rear Seat Passenger
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Geico - They Don't Have To Pay...
September 30, 2000
Dean De'Ville got "Purdy Banged-Up" in an "Automobile-Related-Incident" - .
Now, over
Seven Years after the crash, GEICO still hasn't paid the claim.

Sure, their ads tell ya' they pay their claims... in three days but, that's just "Advertising". Advertising is generally deceptive. It's designed to trick ya' into believing something that isn't true. GEICO, like many politicians, is attempting to deceive you.

Crashee, Smashee...
Dean was a passenger in an automobile insured by GEICO. The automobile was "Rear-Ended" on the freeway. The car in which Dean was riding was stationary (not moving).
The elderly driver of the SUV which struck Dean also "side-swiped" several other vehicles before striking the vehicle in which Dean was a Rear-Seat Passenger.

That's Gotta' Hurt...
The driver of the SUV estimated his speed at 45 MPH. The vehicle in which Dean was sitting was "Totaled". The Police had to push it off the road using a "Police Cruiser" because the rear-wheels would no longer spin. The front-seat passengers had to climb out the passenger-side rear door because the front doors could not be opened. Dean had to kick the rear door open to get out of the vehicle. It was uh' real mess! YEE! HAW!

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Dean Was Rear Seat Passenger
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Dean Was Rear Seat Passenger
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Allstate Insurance
Dean wasn't, isn't and will never be... a GEICO customer. Dean has been insured with Allstate Insurance for about 15 Years. Allstate won't pay on Dean's Allstate Policy because Allstate doesn't have to pay until GEICO pays. Since GEICO won't honor their policy, Allstate doesn't have to honor their policy. It's quite a scam, my friend.

Arizona, A Mandatory Insurance State...
Arizona requires all motorists to have Automobile Insurance. It's The Law. Apparently, Arizona does not require Insurance Companies honor their Policies. It is what it is. When an Insurance Company won't pay a claim, all you have to do is find the correct statutes and file a few forms. It's not that tough... I guess. Here, take a look... See, it's a piece of cake! I don't understand why anyone would have a problem understanding how the system works. It's all right there, dummy! Geez!

What A Nice Guy...
Warren Buffett helped Clinton raise at least $1 million for Hillary's campaign at a June event in New York. Mr. Buffet demonstrated his "Similar Support" for Barack Obama by hosting a $1 Million Fundraiser for Senator Obama. Isn't that wonderful? Warren Buffett is a sweet, caring individual. Mr. Buffett's active financial support of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama is a demonstration of Mr. Buffett's beliefs. Thankfully, President George W. Bush, Arizona Senator John McCain, Senator Russ Feingold, Congress and the Non-Conservative members of The United States Supreme Court imposed and Cannonized the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 into The Constitution.

The $62 Billion Man...
Congratulations to "The World's Richest Man"... Warren Buffet! Mr. Buffett pretends to complain that he doesn't pay enough taxes. If Mr. Buffett wants to "Pay Something", he could start by directing GEICO to "Pay Their Claims". YEE! HAW! - The World's Billionaires

The Christian Thing to Do...
After Seven Years & 1/2 Years... tens of thousands of dollars in Medical Bills and continuing pain, maybe Dean should do the honorable thing and simply drop Dean's claim against GEICO. Would it be "wrong" to separate GEICO's Chairman and CEO - Mr. Warren Buffet - from Mr. Warren Buffett's god? Remember, we must be "Tolerant" of all Faiths. YEE! HAW!

New Speak...
Warren Buffett obviously loves his money. Mr. Buffett's not "Greedy", he's "Thrifty". Refusing to pay "Accident Injury Claims" isn't "Stealing From Crippled-Up Folks", it's "Good Business". Undermining the will of American Citizens - by funding political campaigns created to sell more Auto Insurance - isn't "Treason", it's "Political Activism".

1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

A betrayal of trust or confidence.

Fruit Of The Loom
As you probably aren't aware... GEICO is part of Warren Buffett's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY conglomeration. GEICO's "Sister Company", Fruit of the Loom®, is also part of Warren Buffett's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY. Ain't that neat! T-Shirt Images...
As you probably are aware... you can order yer' own T-Shirts. Dean created all these Conservative Christian Images fer' The Lord's benefit. Every cent of profit from will be used to assist God. It wouldn't make much sense to print God's T-Shirt Images on any item of clothing produced by Warren Buffett's Fruit of the Loom®.

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