Dumbass donnybrook:
Tom Anderson dares Attorney General Terry Goddard to sue over tranny bathrooms.
Mon Aug 06, 2007 at 09:03:39 PM

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Pardon me, can anyone direct me to the ladies' bog?
Photo: Rudy Giuliani in drag)

In a press release issued today, Tom AndersMon Aug 06, 2007 at 09:03:39 PM
n, owner of Anderson's 5th Estate in Scottsdale, defied the AZ Attorney General's request that Anderson come in for a voluntary interview regarding the dumbass donnybrook instigated by Michele de LaFreniere and his/her demands to use the ladies' loo at Anderson's. Back in November, Anderson barred transgendered male De LaFreniere from his club due to complaints from the female clientele about De LaFreniere's posse peeing upright in the chick's bog and generally making asses of themselves.

The press release states,
"Anderson has decided to not voluntarily attend an under oath interview requested by the Arizona Attorney General. Anderson stated: `If the Attorney General’s office wants to talk to me, they need to serve a subpoena. Then we will have an opportunity to see a judge to determine if an individual’s sexual orientation entitles them to protection under Arizona law.”

It continues,

"The implications of this case could be staggering for other restaurants and bars. Businesses could be required to add a third bathroom to accommodate individuals based on their sexual orientation or their stage of gender change. This would be a great expense to all businesses. Anderson stated `We do not believe that the Arizona State Legislature intended such a result when they wrote the anti-discrimination laws for the state.'"

This is shaping up to be a really, really stupid waste of time and taxpayer ducats. I can guarantee you right now that if Terry Goddard continues to push De LaFreniere's self-serving agenda, he will never be governor of this state, as he so obviously wants to be. Candy Thomas, or whoever runs against Goodard, will surely turn this farce into a fat albatross necklace for the AG.

De LaFreniere, currently the chair of Scottsdale's Human Relations Commission, either wants to use the gal's squatter or have a third bathroom set up for trannies only. Mandatory unisex bathrooms are another possibility. Of course, none of these will happen. In fact, I'd bet De LaFreniere's ball-sack on it. (Everyone seems to believe she still has it.)

This childish fight for tranny toilet rights is bound to antagonize many of the same people in this state who support gay rights, even gay marriage, and that includes yours truly.
If De LaFreniere had been an ounce more discreet when she/he and/or his/her buds were whipping it out in the gal's shitter in Anderson's, the complaint never would have gotten this far. But then, De LaFreniere is a media junkie who wanted this controversy to fan his/her overheated ego. Predictably, he/she has gotten gay pubs on board like Echo, and organizations like Equality Arizona, which recently gave the De LaFreniere effort star billing over an attack on two gay men in Scottsdale.

Pardon me, but, WTF? Do you want to say that any dood who puts on a dress and claims he's going through a transformation should be allowed to use the women's w.c., no matter how boorish his behavior? (If so, I feel a transformation coming on.) A lot of this bathroom b.s. has to do with common sense and context. What's good for Cruisin' on 7th may not be appropriate for some square middle class joint filled with 40-something het couples dancing to '80s tunes.

De LaFreniere may dig a lil' épater le bourgeois. However, I know that there are many gays in town who frown on De LaFreniere's efforts, and find them to be idiotic in the extreme.