Nobody cares what folks do in their own homes or businesses. If folks wanna' have "Gay Clubs", it's their "Right" to do so, friend. If folks don't want "Gay Clubs" in their town or city, they should also have the "Right" to petition their representatives without being Stereo-Typed and/or Spiritually-Profiled as Kooks, Bigots, Haters, Wackos, Etc.

When everyone's rights are observed, everyone benefits. When Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard uses his office as a "Tool of Coercion", Mr. Goddard is attempting to impose Mr. Goddard's "Religious Beliefs" and/or "Political Agenda(s) on others. Those who fail to "Cooperate" by surrendering their will to Mr. Goddard will be subject to costly "Legal Proceedings" and Attorneys Fees. Those who fail to exhibit "Tolerance" might not meet "Community Standards". Is Mr. Goddard "Abusing" the authority of his office?

The patrons of "Forbidden" are probably a lot nicer than the folks attending most Churches. Who did The Lord "hang-out with, dummy? Did The Lord "pal-around" with the Licensed Preachers or the folks who liked to "Par-Taye"? Would you be better-off attending "Religious Services" at Scottsdale Night Club "Forbidden"?

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Health Code Violation or Good Clean Fun?

Is the young lady wearing a shirt or, is it paint?

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Ladies Night?

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I United States Senator Larry Craig - Idaho - was arrested in an Airport Men's Room.
The arresting officer claims Senator Craig used "Hand Signs" as a means to solicit sexual acts. The ACLU is defending Senator Craig. Do Gangs use "Hand Signs"?

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Look at the two guys in white T-Shirts.
Look between their legs.

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