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Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, (praying above) has serious mental problems. AZAG Goddard can't tell the difference between a Real Woman and a "Man in a Dress". AZAG Goddard's confusion isn't anything new. Mr. Goddard also has difficulty distinguishing between a "Blob of Cells" and an Unborn Child.

Maybe Mr. Goddard isn't "confused".
Maybe he's just an evil person. Maybe he's a Devil Worshipper. They do exist. Of course, they'll never admit what they are but, you'll know them by their works.

AZAG Terry Goddard chose to investigate a "
Civil Rights Complaint" filed by Michele de LaFreniere (posing above) against a Scottsdale, Arizona Night Club over the right to use the Ladies Room.

Is AZAG Terry Goddard
harassing an Arizona Business Owner or, was the "Civil Rights Complaint" just a "Publicity Stunt"?

Michele de LaFreniere is the "
ChairPERSON" of the Scottsdale, Arizona Human Rights Commission.
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Michele de LaFreniere - Scottsdale, Arizona Human Rights Commission - ChairPERSON w/ Sister Mischif. Source
Are Michelle and Michelle's friends forcing their religion on others?
Do they use Public Pressure and Big Government to force others to accept their religion?

Why is a "
Man in a Dress" the CrairPERSON of the Scottsdale, Arizona Human Relations Commission?

Why is Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, a
Child Murder Advocate, in office?

Why are Murderers, Rapists and Pedophiles released from prison to repeat their crimes?

Why are millions of
Unborn Babies executed each year in The United States of America?

Do you get it? It's not that difficult. Some of our elected servants are liars

They want you
weak and unarmed. They want you sick and dependant. Get it?

Sister Mischif's Sisters Attend Church Services.
Welcome To Arizona.

Remember, we must be "
Tolerant" of all faiths. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano wants to build a "Diverse Community".

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is here to protect the Civil Rights of all "minorities".

Dean De'Ville wonders... would
Dr. King lead a march on trendy Scottsdale, Arizona to defend the "Ladies Room Rights" of "Men In Dresses"?
Public School Teachers?

United States Senators?

Your Baby Sitter?

Do You Have The Right To Know?

Be wise. Do NOT harass or attempt to intimidate homosexuals or men who like to dress like women.

They want you to do something stupid so they can "
Play The Victim".

They're looking for attention.
They want you to do something stupid so Morons like Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard can have an excuse to pass more Anti-Gun Laws and further restrict your freedom to think for yourself.

Don't Be Stupid!
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"We are an Order of
21st Century nuns, dedicated to the Promulgation of Universal Joy and the Expiation of Stigmatic Guilt. We work to raise money for AIDS charities, fight for Queer rights and visibility, do safer sex outreach, and strive diligently to maintain our sense of humor, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun. We gladly welcome All races, creeds, genders and sexual orientations."


Founding Member of the AZ Mission, Missionary Order of the Grand Canyon Sisters, I actually was concieved in Southern California, and attribute my wacky and Mischif S. ways to the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Part Faery, part bootstrap, all drag nun, I'm happy to be able to bring loving joy to the GLBT, Leather and Fetish communities here in "the valley" and everywhere I go.

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