Dean's Advice... Leave Now!
You don't want to go to "New World Order Prison"... does ye'? Reading "Subversive Literature" could be considered an "Act of Non-Violent Political Terrorism".

It's For Your Own Good...
Get ready... After being arrested, tagged, "Re-Educated, Re-Leashed and Re-Leased"... cameras will be installed in your home as a "Preventative Measure". It's for your own good.

What's Best For You...
You don't know what's best for you. Don't worry, it's all part of the "Prescribed Treatment" administered as part of "GEICO National Health Care"... and it's all FREE!

Personalized Service...
As time passes, you'll be gently conditioned to accept your "Personal, Licensed Social Worker" as "Part of the Family"... since they'll be living with you... in your cubicle.

Full Employment...
Remember, it "Takes A Village"... and every "Village" needs uh' "Village Idiot".
So, you'll have uh' job waiting for you! Wow!

The Party's Over...
Go home. Lock your doors and windows. Destroy your computer. Hide your Bible. Wrap your entire head in "Tin Foil". Mumble incoherently. Fondle Your Firearms and get ready to Surrender Your Children to Lucifer! It's The End Of The World!

Don't forget to send Dean De'Ville all your money... it's fun!

Dean's Church Buyin' Fund...
When you buy Dean's Junk all the money goes inta' the Dean De'Ville Church Buyin' Fund.
Give everything ya' got ta' Dean De'Ville!

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