FREE! Hillbilly Beggin' Box w/ Non-Hillbilly Collector Stubs - Created by Dean De'Ville

FREE! Debate 2008 Hillbilly Beggin' Box...
Now, thanks to Dean De'Ville, you... an idiot... possessing neither the intellect nor financial resources required to procure and posses a Genuine Hillbilly Beggin' Box, may Download, Print and Construct your very own Hillbilly Beggin' Box... that's almost as good as "The Real Thing"! If ya' know whut' I mean... and I think ya' do.

1. Download the High Resolution PDF File
2. Print the File - Use Photo Quality Paper if possible
3. Cut, Fold & Tape - Instructions are printed on the box.
4. Get out there and Beg... I mean
5. Send Dean...
Dean's Cut Uh' The Loot
6. Repeat

WARNING - This is a Big File - 75.7 MB
Download Time
= 4 Minutes - With a High Speed Internet Connection.
Print Extra Hillbilly Beggin' Boxes for those Unfortunate Folks without a High Speed Connection... or uh' printer.

The PASSWORD to open the PDF File is -

File Name is -

Download the FREE High Resolution PDF - Click Here

Get all the Details and Directions - Click Here!

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NOT FREE!" - Hillbilly Beggin' Boxes".

Beautiful Prints From Your Inkjet Printer!
Beggin' Box Files are High Resolution Images. For best results use 8.5" x 11" Photo Quality Paper. Print a few using various print settings. Try using "Semi Gloss Photo Paper" with your Ink Jet Printer's "Plain Paper Setting". The "Thickness" of the Photo Quality Paper produces excellent results! Plain Paper works... but, it's kinda' flimsy.

Global Camp-Pain
Join Dean De'Ville's Global Camp-Pain to eradicate Dean's Personal Struggle with "Pronounced Povertyism". Print and Procure Pennies, Pounds, Pula, Rupee, Paisa, Rupiah, Pataca, Príncipe dobra, and Pesos for the Prince of Peace's Pathetically Pretentious Pitchman / Proclaimer of Preacherized Parlance... Ambassador Dean De'Ville. Dean considers the Opportunity... uh' Priceless Privilege to Prayerfully Postulate... in Public. No Applause... Please.

Pity The Poor... Print Four More!
Participate in Dean's "Pity The Poor... Print Four More" campaign to Print Presents For Poor Folk. Printazile a Plethora of Politicized, Paperized, Propa-Scandalized Products for uh' Pittance. Prophetic Predilictions Portend Positive-Printilazation(s)... "Fo' the Poe'! Help Poor Folk by Printing Four Extra Hillbilly Beggin Boxes as Presents for those suffering from Dial-Up Disorder Dysplexia. Symptoms of Dial-Up Disorder Dysplexia include the Inability to Download and Print FREE! High Quality PDFs... like a "Normal Person".

Craftsman or Cobbler?
Constructing the "Perfect" Hillbilly Beggin' Box requires Patience, Skill and Determination. Every Hillbilly Beggin' Box you create has the potential to become your best. You'll soon develop your own style and rhythm.

Don't Break Your Arm Pattin' Yer'Self On The Back...
Should you be one of those with "Natural Hillbilly Talent", don't get uh' "Swelled Head". Use your gift(s) responsibly. Help those who experience difficulty. It's The "Dean Thing" Ta' Do.

Your Own Worst Critic...
Examine your work with a "Critical Eye". Ask yourself what you can do to make your next Hillbilly Beggin' Box better than your last. Creating a flawless Hillbilly Beggin' Box is impossible. With each mistake, you'll begin to see the beauty in imperfection. Your favorite Hillbilly Beggin' Boxes will be those imperfect vessels you've forgotten... until the day... you run across a familiar face... or two... covered in dust... crinkled and forgotten with the passing of time.

Life's Little Imperfections...
The imperfection of your creation will make you smile. You won't see the smudged fingerprints and inelegant creases as flaws. You'll be reminded of the little things that came outta' nowhere... somethin' that'll make ya' smile... no matter how many times ya' see it.

Dean De'Ville

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