About ClintonHater.com Shirts
• Beautiful People - As an "Artisté"... Ambassador De'Ville requests "The Ugly" refrain from wearing ClintonHater.com Shirts in public during daylight hours.

• Suitable For Framing - ClintonHater.com T-Shirts are Wearable Works Of Art. ClintonHater.com T-Shirts are kinda' like "Rock Concert T-Shirts". They're over-priced, highly collectible and should only be worn to impress the "Easily Impressionable".

• Cost Of Non-Conformity - Your decision to associate yourself with ClintonHater.com will cost ya'! It'll cost you a lot of money, your anonymity, your family, your friends, the admiration of imbeciles and maybe your life. Wow!

• Top Quality T-Shirts - ClintonHater.com will NOT print these Beautiful Works of Art on inferior quality fabric.

• Washin' Caution! - Like Ambassador De'Ville, ClintonHater.com Shirts are delicate creations. Many ClintonHater.com Shirts feature High Quality Full Color Prints. The images are gorgeous but, like normal T-Shirts, will fade and crack when washed repeatedly.

Read our Washing Recommendations before ordering.

• Refund Policy - You Wear It or Wash It... You Own It!
If we screw-up... Dean will be happy to correct the error by admitting the mistake and sending you a replacement Shirt.

• Accepted Merchandise Returns
- We shipped the Wrong Image
- We shipped the Wrong Color
- We shipped the Wrong Size

Simply return the shirt in it's original condition and packaging with a note detailing the reason for the return.

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